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Natural Body Oil- Salty Mariner

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7 ounce

Set sail on a journey with Salty Mariner- a bold and invigorating scent that embodies the soul of an experienced sea-goer. Allow the salt-tinged breeze and thrilling escapades to motivate you on your voyage towards uncharted waters. Discover the untamed spirit of the vast ocean with each whiff of Salty Mariner



Immerse yourself in luxury with our premium hand-blended body oils infused with MCT, avocado, and other nourishing oils. Experience fast absorption and lasting moisture for soft, supple skin. Apply after showers for the best results.

Organic MCT Oil, Organic hemp seed oil, organic grapeseed oil, organic avocado oil, organic sunflower oil, organic rose hip oil, vitamin E, fragrance oil

To use body oil for maximum benefits, apply a few drops to your skin after showering or bathing. Gently massage in circular motions to promote absorption and enjoy moisturized, radiant skin. Perfect for achieving a healthy glow!